Monolith Starts VAR Program

Monolith Software has launched a new program for IT VARs wanting to sell IT management and monitoring to more down-market clients.

Monolith said its reseller program is attractive because it brings the technology – previously available only to Tier 1 service providers due to high costs – to new entities looking to build or improve their network operations centers.

mSuite ITM, a Web 2.0-style technology management system, is platform- and vendor- independent; can monitor any type of technology with not only SNMP, but also syslog, TL1, log files, flat files, databases and applications; is browser-based, plug-in free and capable of presenting any event and metric type in a consolidated dashboard view; and is licensed via an “available source license.”

Monolith’s pays resellers a fixed percentage based on the sales price to the end user, avoiding a lower profit that might have come from selling the product at a significant partner discount. Authorized resellers will have access to a dedicated inside sales team, a multimedia product technology tour, links to downloadable product information and guides, and material providing dealer training and support.

Monolith is recruiting partners, who can make money in several ways: on the software sale, the yearly maintenance and the professional services. Monolith also has set up various participation levels.

The company also runs a technology partner program; participants work on interoperability with Monolith’s products.

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