Telcombrokers Supplies Online Commissions Module

Agents now have access to an online commission module thanks to Telcombrokers’ expanded relationship with PRM provider Salestream.

Effective with April commissions, Telcombrokers began e-mailing statements to agents. The documents are available electronically around the clock in the Salestream module. Agents can view a commissions summary, get account detail by carrier, pull up to 12 months of commissions at a time, and set up and pay subagents.

CEO Dominic Antonini said Telcombrokers receives commission reports from the carriers and uploads them into the system.

“The process has an added benefit of an automated audit of the commission reports received by the carriers to make sure our agents are paid correctly,” he said. “Any accounts which have commission payouts less than expected are immediately flagged for review.”

Telcombrokers also noted the initiative helps it become more eco-friendly due to decreased paper waste.

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