Para Systems Tries to Lure Resellers

Resellers interested in adding power-supply products their inventory have a new option to explore.

Para Systems recently launched its partner program for products including uninterruptible power supply and keyboard-video-mouse systems, power distribution units and surge suppressors. The biggest catch is that certified resellers must agree to buy at least $10,000 worth of Para Systems’ Minuteman inventory each year.

Partner agreements last for 12 months; renewal depends on reseller performance. The contracts include requirements such as only using trained personnel on Minuteman products; taking part in marketing campaigns; and featuring Minuteman products on Web sites.

Para Systems said it warranties its power supply products and helps resellers with marketing, among other typical program services.

It did not specify resellers’ financial incentives to join except to say resellers get a 20 percent discount on replacement batteries and Minuteman services.

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