AireSpring Adds Local SIP Trunking Options

AireSpring announced the addition of local SIP trunking options to its new SIP trunking portfolio targeted at businesses using from 15 to 5,000 lines and sold through its network of indirect sales partners.

The company, previously a reseller, became a facilities-based provider with the launch of its SIP long-distance product in fall 2007. By becoming facilities based, the company now can provide local service nationwide, said AireSpring COO Daniel Lonstein. Previously, the company resold local services from major CLECs and found that as often as 50 percent of the time it could not serve the entire footprint for its multilocation accounts.

The local SIP product is available in three variations, explained AireSpring COO Daniel Lonstein. Customers can get a managed private IP port without Internet, or they can add the Internet to it and have voice and data dynamically allocated across the port. Finally, AireSpring also offers a standard “bring your own bandwidth” option.

“We designed this to mirror traditional PRIs with trunks and DIDs on top,” said Lonstein, explaining that other service providers have used a per-seat (1:1) model. Pricing starts at $8 per trunk with local calling included. A minimum of 15 trunks is required. U.S. DIDs can be purchased for $10 for 20; International DIDs are $25. AireSpring can port existing numbers to the SIP service.

AireSpring also rolled out two local T1/PRI services for connections to IP PBXs that are not SIP-enabled. The first version uses a private IP network with a gateway at the customer premise. Unlike traditional T1/PRI, the SIP trunking allows customer to take advantage of additional features, such as use of DIDs that are international or out of rate center. The second version of the service is an integrated local T1/PRI service. It adds an IAD to the customer premise to support Internet access at 1.5mbps to 4.5mbps. The voice and data are dynamically allocated, Lonstein said.

Lonstein said for indirect partners the advantages of AireSpring’s new SIP services are nationwide availability, privately managed IP network and competitive pricing. As an example of the latter, he said a SIP T1 port starts at $139 per month over a private IP network.

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