New Edge Network Rolls Out MPLS Over DSL Networks

New Edge Networks on Monday rolled out its MPLS over DSL service, which it announced in January, after three months of successful testing. The service will be offered directly and through indirect channel partners nationally in most areas where DSL is available.

The new service, which New Edge Networks claims is a first for a U.S. telecom operator, allows businesses to tag and prioritize data traffic over DSL access using up to five MPLS classes of service. Until now, data traffic tagging and prioritization with true classes of service were available only on more costly T1 lines with MPLS.

“This breakthrough service helps small and midsize businesses avoid network congestion problems due to the convergence of communications applications, such as VoIP phone calls and other latency-sensitive services, over DSL access,” said Greg Griffiths, vice president of marketing for New Edge Networks. “Network bottlenecks and data traffic congestion bog down application performance and business productivity.”

It also offers an option for companies that are deferring implementation of productivity applications because they cannot yet cost-justify a T1 line, the company said in a press statement.

“MPLS with class of service over DSL closes the large pricing gap between traditional business-class DSL and a full T1 line,” Griffiths said. “It also allows businesses to add additional applications over their DSL-based network without the risk of compromising performance.”

New Edge Networks is pricing its new service with a $100 premium over the cost of a fully managed DSL-based private network, which averages about $140 a month, per location. This price step-up includes bandwidth optimization with up to five classes of service over DSL access, improved service level guarantees and a Cisco router upgrade.

In contrast, the monthly cost for a T1 line can start at about $500, depending on distance and geographic area. With some carriers, MPLS classes of service and T1 network management are added options.

“MPLS over DSL also is an attractive cost-saving option for businesses that previously were forced to use T1 at all locations,” Griffiths said. “Now businesses can mix and match access technologies based on the specific needs at each location without compromising the value of key MPLS benefits.”

New Edge instituted improved service-level guarantees on its new service. These include an 18-hour mean time to repair for a DSL line with the class-of-service option. The industry benchmark MTTR for a regular DSL line is 24 hours. In contrast, the MTTR for a more costly T1 line is four hours.

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