Avocado Turns Security Footage Into Charts, Graphs

Security systems provide video footage, but how many actually translate those images into data businesses can use to track what’s happening on their property?

Enter Avocado Security. The 22-year-old company has released the second version of its security platform; this one takes surveillance-camera images and turns them into charts and graphs.

“[I]nstead of security personnel just seeing ‘dumb data’ from numerous images across video monitors, they can actually have a solution that gives them ‘intelligent data’ so that actionable, real-time security decisions can be made,” said Kevin Shahbazi, CEO of Avocado Security, in a news release.

For example, say an elevator door opens X number of times. Or say there’s a lot of traffic at one entrance or exit. Avocado’s security system issues information such as charts, graphs and tables personnel can study to determine whether the activity is normal.

Businesses can use Avocado’s Security & Business Intelligence Optimization Platform across multiple locations.

Avocado sells through channel partners.

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