Channel Partners: TEM Session Promises to be Time Well Spent

With far more than 31 flavors, telecom expense management (TEM) services and software offerings run the gamut, making it all the more confusing for partners to construct and present the ideal TEM solution for their clients.

Channel partners wanting to hear more about successfully combining TEM platforms and professional services for a complete managed offering can get some good tips in the TEM Take Two session this morning, where Missy Sue Mastel, president and founder of Mass-Tel Communications Inc., forensic expert and author, will discuss how to help enterprises win with TEM and not just buy more software.

Mastel believes that automated solutions and consulting services are incomplete on their own. One flusters under the data load (no brain); the other cannot tailor itself to the unique client (no heart), she said. Consider us the Wizard of Oz, or the millionaire matchmaker finding love, or at least profit, among the solutions out there.

Session attendees can expect to learn all about TEM, how it has evolved and what they can realistically expect from partnering and selling a TEM solution, including how much support it will need to thrive and how they can make money from it. Our talk will help even the most novice partner communicate about telecom expense management like a pro, and establish their own rule set of what to look for in a TEM solution, said Mastel.

As more and more TEM vendors see the light (and dollars) of marketing through the partner channel, [channel partners] need to learn the right questions to understand the offering and the proper complements to their own value-add.

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