Channel Partners: Broadview Expands, Enhances Services

Channel Partners Conference & Expo sponsor, Broadview Networks (Booth 1307-1309), announced several new services as well as enhancements to AgentTrak, its agent management portal.

The company unveiled new features for the Broadspeed OfficeSuite hosted key system, and introduced the new FrontLine Data Backup service and a SIP trunking offering.

OfficeSuite has been enhanced to include Cell Twinning, which is the ability to ring simultaneously the OfficeSuite phone and any other phone (usually a cell). Users also can port the calls and use a personal zero-out option that directs callers to a secretary or executive assistant. The voice mail capabilities have been updated to include visual voice mail, the ability to receive and forward messages as .wav files via e-mail, an option to have all voice mail sent to a specific e-mail box, and the capability to see and listen to voice mails as .wav files in a Web portal. Users can receive SMS text messages or e-mails with the URL of the Web mail portal when a message is left.

The FrontLine Data Backup replaces the need for tape by providing a disk-to-disk backup of data via the Internet. Once an initial seed of all data is backed up, all new and changed data is compressed, encrypted and sent via the Internet to the FrontLine Data Backup secure primary vault. When a file or record needs to be recovered, an authorized user can perform a point-and-click restoration through an easy-to-use Windows interface. Data always is accessible, any time and anywhere.

Broadviews new SIP trunking service allows IP PBX owners to purchase a direct SIP trunking interface into their PBXs without the need for any T1/PRI cards or protocol converters.

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