Channel Partners: Sales Training Drives Business Development

Tech-oriented salespeople need sales training to evolve past the hardsell-first, ask-questions-later approach thats still widely used, one of many issues examined in todays session, Learn to Sell.

People try to sell before they know what the customer needs, said Russ Lombardo, president of PEAK Sales Consulting LLC. With proper sales training, they can learn to understand what the customer wants, and that its not about your sales quota.

Lombardo, who hosts an Internet show, speaks from a diverse background combining many years’ selling GoldMine software, marketing and project management, and consulting. He plans to explain the value of listening to the prospective customer as a starting point to understanding the complete sales process. Its harder to sell now than ever before, said Lombardo. Consumer spending is way down and that has a trickle-down effect on businesses.

With the credit crunch and the war going on, people who are afraid to buy the new TV or car are also afraid to spend their companys money.

Salespeople want to hold on to a lead forever because a person seemed interested, explained Lombardo. He suggests a low-maintenance means of staying in touch, such as via regular e-mails, with the prospective client.

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