Verizon Wholesale Plans to Add Wireless to Bundle in 2008

As part of its ongoing bundling strategy, Verizon Partner Solutions, the wholesale arm of Verizon Communications, is working on creating a quad-play bundle for resellers of its voice, data and video services, according to a VPS executive attending the COMPTEL PLUS Convention & Expo this week.

Tom Caldwell, vice president of marketing and product management for VPS, told PHONE+ that VPS is exploring options with sister company Verizon Wireless in an effort to bring a bundle to resellers this year. My mission is to get it, he said, noting that current VPS customers have been asking for the option for some time. In addition, he said, VPS would like to deliver the wireless componet under its agreements with resellers, instead of requiring a separate one with the wireless operator; however, he said that is not guaranteed.

The possible addition of wireless to the products available to resellers is a continuation of a bundling strategy begun two years ago when the organization was formed following the merger of Verizon with MCI. In December 2005, the united added DSL to the bundle. [link to: .] In summer 2006, VPS announced the addition of video to the bundle via an agreement with DirecTV.

Caldwell said the triple-play bundling strategy in place today will soon be extended to small and midsize businesses. Today, the video only is available to residential customers. Caldwell did not offer a date certain, but said the strategy is being driven by the new president of VPS, Mike Millegan, who joined the team in October after running the companys sales and operations in the Midwest Region. Millegan replaced David Small, who has gone on to work with the Verizon Wireless, Caldwell said. Millegan has no prior experience in wholesale, but reports directly to a former head of the wholesale unit, Virginia Ruesterholz, who is now president of Verizon Telecom.

VPS also has received additional leadership support with the appointment of Kathleen McLean as senior vice president of sales. She takes on half of the duties previously held by Quintin Lew, who was promoted to senior vice president of product marketing, so he can focus on product development and marketing.

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