COMPTEL: Streamcore Discusses StreamSense’s Enhanced Capabilities

Streamcore (Booth 401), which yesterday launched StreamSense, now announced enhanced capabilities for the new platform.

Organizations want to consolidate applications at data centers, and to manage that application performance over the WAN without the cost of deploying appliances at every branch, said Eric Jeux, Streamcore’s CEO. StreamSense enables providers by giving their central data center an all-in-one visibility and management solution for customer branch office networks and application performance.

The trend of centralized applications at data centers is becoming an important business priority; it allows the consolidation of operations to save money, Streamcore said. To that end, StreamSense helps data centers consolidate by deploying centrally, to virtually view and control network and application performance downstream at branch offices. It provides both data-center-level and branch-level reporting capabilities to ensure an optimal WAN and end-user quality of experience.

It also means enterprises only have to deploy single appliances at data centers in hub-and-spoke architectures, rather than deploying probes at every branch office, to get full visibility and control of branch office network and application performance.


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