COMPTEL: BillSoft Unveils EZTax, EZViewer

BillSoft Inc. (Booth 815) announced at COMPTEL PLUS the release of two new products, EZTax Sales & Use and EZTax Viewer Sales & Use. EZTax Sales & Use includes more than 450 types of transactions covering areas such as beverages, clothing, digital goods, general merchandise, magazines, food services, software and more.

Sales and use tax calculation is getting more complex each year, said Vicki Klein, president of BillSoft. Sales or use tax may be applicable due to underlying factors within the transaction, such as discounts, credits or other items. Taxing these transactions is much simpler with the use of EZTax Sales & Use because the product will automatically determine the taxability of these items, based upon the individual jurisdiction and transaction information.

When calculating sales and use taxes, EZTax Sales & Use makes use of order-entry information “ship from,” “ship to,” “point-of-acceptance” and “bill to” to determine where a taxable event occurred. EZTax Sales & Use transactions also are designed with a one-to-one relationship to Streamline Sales Tax Project (SSTP) definitions and also include definitions for non-SSTP states.

BillSoft EZTax Sales & Use is offered in three ways as a batch process, ASP for online sales, or licensed with tax rates and logic updated monthly.

For reviewing of the sales and use tax information, BillSoft also provides the EZTax Viewer Sales & Use. Users simply select shipping information, transaction data, invoice data and other items to view the tax information. EZTax Viewer Sales & Use also can calculate and keep history of customer tax totals through multiple transactions.

Both products are part of BillSoft’s “Your Total Tax Solution,” which also includes EZTax, EZData, BillSoft Online, EZGeo, EZGeo ASP, EZTax Manager, EZTax Bundler, EZTax Rate & Logic Modifier (RLM), Tax Compliance Filing Service and Tax Consulting Services. BillSoft’s taxation products and services are available for more than 80 countries and all major platforms.

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