COMPTEL: QuesCom Launches Mobile Call Server

QuesCom (Booth 202), maker of fixed-mobile VoIP telecom appliances, introduced the QuesCom Mobile Call Server for mobile termination.

The softswitch designed for GSM termination offers service providers enhanced functionality and QoS to integrate customers VoIP gateways to QuesCom GSM gateways.

QuesCom Mobile Termination also reduces the cost of fixed-to-mobile calls thanks to GSM gateways. The Mobile Call Server offers a tailored softswitch for call termination network or it can use an existing softswitch, improving architecture and call flow.

France-based QuesCom said the main benefits of using Mobile Call Server include centralizing CDRs, optimizing call routing and SIM usage, reducing gateway configuration, and integrating the QuesCom SIM server.

QuesCom already operates in Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador and Mexico. Now it’s developing channel networks in North America.


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