COMPTEL: PAETEC’s Chesonis Offers Good News for Tough Times

Communications companies are operating in a difficult economic climate today. But it’s not all bad news for competitive service providers, says today’s keynote speaker, Arunas Chesonis, chairman and CEO of PAETEC Holding Corp.

It is in times like this, he explains, that many customers review their spending on communications services and may be most likely to switch from a more expensive incumbent provider to a competitor.

Adds Chesonis, COMPTEL’s service provider members also can prepare to capture new customers and keep existing ones by positioning themselves as leaders in the IP movement.

And while one of the keys to success for PAETEC has been its spate of acquisitions, Chesonis adds that M&A is not necessary to the success of all CLECs. “It depends on their business model and target customers,” he said. “Theres just as much danger [in M&A] as there is to [not pursuing M&A].”

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