COMPTEL: PAETEC Gives Resellers Ability to Expand Their Markets

Resellers now have a path for geographic growth through an MPLS Market Expansion Application from PAETEC (Booth 514). With this service, switched-based resellers or service providers can develop their own capital-free global network through the utilization of PAETECs secure core data infrastructure.

PAETECs MPLS Market Expansion Application is ideal for customers who need direct connectivity to their end users, and would like to develop a reliable, global network without the cost of physical buildout, the company said. The product complements PAETEC’s Aggregated DID and Termination products to provide a comprehensive package of solutions. The service is available through PAETECs domestic and global data footprint.

Our MPLS market expansion service allows you to connect to your customers, wherever they are located, simply by creating a VPN, said Patrick Tata, vice president and general manager of PAETEC wholesale markets. You can determine call routing and deliver customized client applications, which helps create stickier relationships with your customers.

All traffic rides on PAETECs private, secure MPLS network, which is monitored 24/7 and provides end-to-end QoS and low-latency performance. Resellers and service providers also can provide redundancy by adding a simple network node at the most cost-effective location in PAETEC’s footprint. A loop and port charge is all it will cost to connect anywhere across the carrier’s network.

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