COMPTEL: Globalcom Selects BillSofts Taxation Software

BillSoft Inc. (Booth 815) announced that Chicago-based Globalcom Inc., a voice and data network provider serving SMBs, selected BillSofts EZTax product line to tax its communications services and manage its taxation requirements. EZTax will integrate into Globalcoms billing operations to provide a real-time billing and taxing platform. The integration is expected to be completed during first quarter.

In addition to EZTax for tax calculation, Globalcom has implemented EZTax Viewer and EZTax Bundler. The Viewer is a tax reference tool that includes all the latest tax rate information for every jurisdiction in the United States and other countries. This solution will allow Globalcom to verify and validate tax rate information with a click of a button. The Bundler is a tool that allows EZTax customers to accurately tax multiple items that are sold as a bundled product offering.

Globalcom is always searching for methods to ensure we provide our customers with reliable, efficient and accurate information, said John T. Shave, president and CEO for Globalcom. Following a comprehensive selection process, we were impressed with BillSoft’s capabilities, scope and flexibility. They put a great deal of thought in addressing its customer needs, which is the focus of Globalcom.

We are excited to work with Globalcom, said Vicki Klein, president of BillSoft, noting that EZTax allows Globalcom to calculate more than 200 types of taxes, fees and surcharges. “It really gives Globalcom the opportunity to focus on their core product offering while knowing that their taxation is handled accurately.”

EZTax, EZTax Viewer and EZTax Bundler are part of BillSoft’s “Your Total Tax Solution,” which also includes EZData, BillSoft Online, EZGeo, EZGeo ASP, EZTax Manager, EZTax Bundler, EZTax Rate & Logic Modifier (RLM), Tax Compliance Filing Service and Tax Consulting Services. BillSoft’s taxation products and services are available for more than 80 countries and all major platforms.

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