Verizon Seeks Forbearance in All of Rhode Island

Verizon Communications Inc. on Thursday filed another forbearance petition sure to incite controversy.

After losing its request for forbearance in six metro markets in December, the nations second-largest phone company is asking the FCC for widespread relief in Rhode Island. In that now-denied request, Verizon sought forbearance just in Providence. The carrier now seeks forbearance for nearly all of Rhode Island, citing intense competition from Cox Communications Inc.

Verizon tells the FCC in its filing it wants the same forbearance Qwest Communications International Inc. received in Omaha, Neb. There, Qwest has been able to charge commercial rates when competitors access its network, instead of lower, government-mandated prices. The change essentially has pushed McLeodUSA now owned by PAETEC out of the Omaha market.

Cox Communications Inc.


Qwest Communications International Inc.

Verizon Communications Inc.

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