Verizon Files Second Cableco VoIP Lawsuit

First Cox, now Charter.

Verizon Communications Inc. is suing cableco Charter Communications Inc. for the same eight alleged counts of VoIP patent infringement as Cox Communications Inc.

Charter declined comment, except to say it will defend itself; Verizon wouldnt discuss why its suing the company.

Verizon filed its suit against Charter on Feb. 5 in the Eastern District Court of Texas, Texarkana Division. Charter is based in St. Louis, but serves a large number of customers in Texas, which Verizon said justifies a Texas courts handling of the case.

The court is well-known for attracting lawsuits on behalf of large technology companies that have few ties to the area. It often favors the plaintiffs, as well.

Charter Communications Inc.
Cox Communications Inc.
Verizon Communications Inc.


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