Telcombrokers Announces Contract Roll-ups

Telcombrokers has announced contract roll-ups with Complete Communications Inc. and Global Communications 2000.

Complete Communications, based in Salt Lake City, already was a Telcombrokers agent, but it also had an independent relationship with TelePacific. So, as part of Telcombrokers’ Roll Up program, Complete has placed its TelePacific contract into Telcombrokers’ TelePacifc agreement. The deal increases Complete’s commissions and gives its agents instant quoting capabilities for TelePacific products through MasterStream.

Telcombrokers has the volume and relationship with TelePacific that made sense for us to have them absorb our base of business, said Blake Darling, co-owner of Complete Communications Inc. We do a sizeable amount of other business with them and this just made sense for all parties.

San Clemente, Calif.-based Global Communications 2000 was not previously an agent of Telcombrokers, but has decided to join Telcombrokers to fill out their portfolio, said Dominic Antonini, president of Telcombrokers. The company rolled up its PAETEC independent agreement into Telcombrokers PAETEC agreement.

I have known Dominic for many years, said Judy Magana, president of Global Communications 2000. When he approached me about rolling my PAETEC agreement under his company, it made sense to me. It was a business decision.

Antonini said he is looking for more companies to join the program, which is targeting agents who want to roll their contracts under a master. Telecombrokers will pay the agents, which Antonini hopes will increase the incentive to join.

For 2008, I am going to focus my investment dollars on doing more roll-ups versus full acquisitions, said Antonini. He said he is interested in talking to all agents that have direct independent agreements with ACC Business, New Edge Networks, NuVox, PAETEC and TelePacific, and is paying agents to roll up their independent agreements under Telcombrokers, as well as paying continuing residuals on their base.

Because of Telcombrokers volume, we are also usually able to pay the agents equal or higher commissions than what they were receiving for new sales moving forward, Antonini explained. Agents that have done roll-ups with us so far are spending at least part of their roll-up bonus on marketing which further helps them to grow their businesses.

Complete Communications Inc.
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