New Edge to Prioritize Data Traffic Over DSL

New Edge Networks said it has completed installation of network infrastructure that will accelerate introduction of a network service that allows businesses to tag and prioritize data applications traffic over high-speed digital subscriber lines commonly used for wide area networks.

The business communications unit of EarthLink Inc. said it expects to begin live testing the network service next month with existing customers and plans to begin full commercial offering in April.

Businesses in various industry segments can use up to five classes of service to tag and prioritize their applications so that services such as VoIP telephone calls or inventory and price lookups move across DSL-based networks ahead of e-mail or other less important business functions. Currently, traffic tagging and prioritization with class of service are available only on more costly high-capacity T1 lines with MPLS technology.

New Edge will honor DSL class-of-service tags end to end throughout its customers private wide area networks.

New Edge plans to offers DSL traffic prioritization with class of services as an upgrade option for its private managed networks. New Edge did not disclose pricing, noting early that its new offering will be priced significantly less than the average pricing for T1 lines.

The company installed SmartEdge 800 gateway switches, manufactured by Redback Networks Inc., at various regional aggregation points around the country. In addition to accelerating the deployment of MPLS class of service over DSL, the new Redback platform helps New Edge expand network capacity, improve service and add traffic routing diversity.

New Edge Networks

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