Nexthaus Launches SyncJe for iPhone

Nexthaus, the wireless mobility application unit of Inc., has released its new beta SyncJe client software for the iPhone.

The application became available for download Dec. 26, and for the first 14 days of availability, the client software will be free of charge to all new users. Thereafter, users can download SyncJe for iPhone for $39.99.

With Nexthaus’ SyncJe for iPhone, users can wirelessly synchronize data between their iPhone, computer and e-mail applications. SyncJe installs directly onto the iPhone, enabling centrally stored personal information management (PIM) data to be exchanged wirelessly. Users can sync their contacts, calendars and notes free from any device cradles or wires and can also set an automatic synchronization scheduler. SyncJe is compatible with any SyncML server and comes with one year of maintenance and support.

Use of this SyncJe product requires the ability to install third-party applications on your iPhone using the installer software. However, the company said installing external applications on an iPhone may void one or more warranties and should only be performed by knowledgeable users.


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