TouchStar Unveils 2008 Enterprise Call Center System

TouchStar has unveiled its 2008 Enterprise Call Center System which provides enterprise scalability, redundancy, and functionality to connect call center agents in multiple locations around the world, the company said.

TouchStar 2008 Enterprise Call Center System is designed to provide functionality for call centers that are expanding for remote access and unified communications. The new product features interfacing options that include a new API, an updated Microsoft SQL database structure, new Web services and a scripting tool that can connect to multiple real-time data sources. TouchStar Global Enterprise includes security and regulatory compliance requirements.

TouchStar call centers have the ability to connect global agents in multiple offices, or home offices, through an IP or traditional telephony connection.

The company also has announced its formalized Edge Enterprise Services Program. The Edge Enterprise Service program includes expertise and documented processes from initiation through implementation, optimization, support, custom development, disaster recovery and business continuity planning. All processes are managed by professional project managers.

TouchStar said it is actively recruiting resellers in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and Latin America and agents and VARs can sell the products. Its indirect TouchStar Partner Program is offered in three levels Referral Partner, Gold Partner, Silver Partner, and Platinum Partner and has over 20 global partners.


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