MS Co-Founder Paul Allen, Chevron Enter 700MHz Fray

The final list of applicants to bid in the 700MHz auction has been released by the FCC, and mixed in with the high-profile bidders we already knew about are two seemingly odd ducks: Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and Chevron Corp.

At first glance Allen’s filing under investment company Vulcan Spectrum LLC seems whimsical; the billionaire is known for investments in such disparate entities as genetics companies and the NBAs Portland Trailblazers. But considering Allen is the majority shareholder of cableco Charter Communications, his interest would seem to go a bit deeper than that.

Also on the list is Chevron, the petrochemical giant. While its difficult to speculate as to its intentions (wireless oil transactions?), Chevron does own some spectrum already, which it uses for secure internal communications.

Allen and the gas company will be two of 266 bidders for the 1,099 licenses (and 62MHz) of 700MHz spectrum on Jan. 24, going head to head with the heavyweights as well as a large number of regional phone companies. Guam Cellular & Paging, anyone?

One caveat: About two thirds of the applications were rejected as incomplete, and those companies must revise their filings by Jan. 4 to compete in the auction. Notably, AT&T Inc., Cox Communications and Qualcomm Inc. are on the incomplete list.

The full list:


Adams Telcom Inc.
Aeronet Wireless Broadband Corp.
AlasConnect Inc.
Aristotle Inc.
AWS Spectrum LLC
Bayou Internet, Inc.
BEK Communications Cooperative
Bend Cable Communications LLC
Blanca Telephone Co.
Blue Sky Cell LLC
Bluegrass Wireless LLC
Bresnan Communications, Inc.
Broadband Wireless Unlimited, LLC
Budget Phone
Cavalier Wireless, LLC
Central Texas Telephone Investments, LP
Chariton Valley Communication Corp. Inc.
Chester Telephone Co.
Clearcom, Inc.
Command Connect, LLC
Cricket Licensee 2007, LLC
Cross Telephone Co. LLC
CTC Telcom, Inc.
Data-Max Wireless LLC
Delmarva Broadband LLC
Ellijay Telephone Co.
Farmers Telecommunications Cooperative, Inc.
Farmers Telephone Co. Inc.
Fidelity Communications Co.
Forum Communications Co.
FTC Management Group, Inc.
Glenwood Telephone Membership Corp.
Golden Belt Telephone Association, Inc.
Google Airwaves Inc.
Grain Spectrum LLC
Great American Broadband, Inc.
GreenFly LLC
H & B Communications, Inc.
Horry Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Inland Cellular Telephone Co.
IT&E Overseas, Inc.
KeyOn Spectrum Holdings, LLC
Kinex Networking Solutions, Inc.
Kingdom Telephone Co.
Kurian, Thomas K
Lackawaxen Long Distance Company, Inc.
Landover PCS Holdings, LLC
MAC Wireless, LLC
Manti Telephone Co.
Medicine Park Telephone Co. Inc.
Midwest AWS Limited Partnership
Miller, David
Mt. Vernnon.Net Inc.
MTN3B Consortium
Mulberry Cooperative Telephone Co. Inc
N.E. Colorado Wireless Technologies, Inc.
Neptuno Media
Northeast Missouri Rural Telephone Co.
Northeast Nebraska Telephone Company
Northern Iowa Communications Partners, LLC
Panhandle Telecommunication Systems, Inc.
Paul Bunyan Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
PCS Partners, L.P.
Piedmont Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Polar Communications Mutual Aid Corporation
Public Service Wireless Services, Inc.
Red River Rural Telephone Association, Inc.
Sandhill Communications, LLC
Siskiyou Telephone Company
Small Ventures USA, L.P.
Spectrum Acquisitions, Inc.
Star Telephone Membership Corp.
Swayzee Telephone Co. Inc.
TCT West, Inc.
Terra World Communications, LLC
The Chillicothe Telephone Co.
The Tri-County Telephone Association, Inc.
The World Co.
Towerstream Corp.
Tri-Valley Communications, LLC
Triad 700, LLC
USA Choice Internet Services Company LLC
Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Van Buren Wireless, Inc.
Vavasi NexGen Inc.
Vermont Telephone Company, Inc.
Vulcan Spectrum LLC
Washington County Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc
West Wisconsin Telcom Cooperative, Inc.
Wireless Communications Venture
Worldcall Inc.
WUE, Inc.
Xpressweb Internet Services, Inc.


585 Consortium
ACS Wireless License Sub, Inc.
Advance/Newhouse Partnership
Agri-Valley Communications, Inc.
Alltel Corporation
Altazip Inc
Americas Communications LLC
AMTS Consortium
AST Telecom, LLC
AT&T Mobility Spectrum, LLC
Bascom Long Distance, Inc.
Bay Electronics, Inc.
BI Solutions
Blaze Broadband LLC Y
Blue Valley Tele-Communications, Inc.
BlueBird Telecommunications Ltd.
Bluewater Wireless, L.P.
BPS Telephone Company
Buffalo-Lake Erie Wireless Systems Co., L.L.C.
Buggs Island Telephone Cooperative
C&W Enterprises, Inc.
Cable Montana LLC
Cascade Access, L.L.C.
Cellco Partnership d/b/a Verizon Wireless
Cellular South Licenses, Inc.
Central Wisconsin Communications, Inc.
CenturyTel Broadband Wireless LLC
Chequamegon Communications Cooperative, Inc.
Choice Phone LLC
Churchill County Telephone d/b/a CC Communications
Cincinnati Bell Wireless LLC
Citizens Mutual Telephone Cooperative
CloudComm Corporation
Club 42 CM Limited Partnership
Columbia Cellular, Inc.
Comporium Wireless, LLC
Computer Techniques, Inc.
ComSouth Tellular, Inc.
Continuum 700 LLC
Cooper Fowler Media Company
Copper Valley Wireless, Inc.
Corn Belt Telephone Company, Inc.
Cox Wireless, Inc.
CRT Holdings, Inc.
CSC Spectrum Holdings LLC
CSConnect Inc.
Cumby Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Danville Mutual Telephone Company
Day Management Corporation
Denali Spectrum License, LLC
Dragon Arch, Inc.
East Ascension Telephone Company, LLC
East Kentucky Network, LLC
Eastern Colorado Wireless II, LLC
Faithfone Wireless Incorporated
First Mile Holdings, Inc.
FMTC Wireless, Inc.
Frontier Wireless LLC Y
FWC Communications, Inc.
Glass, Laurence B
Gold Radio Group, LLC
Grand River Communication, Inc.
Granite State Long Distance, Inc.
Green Hills Area Cellular Telephone, Inc.
Greene Productions, Inc.
Guam Cellular & Paging
Hemingford Cooperative Telephone Company
hoffman, mitchell
Huxley Communications Corp.
I-700, LLC
IdeaOne Telecom Group, LLC
Independents Fiber Network, LLC
Innovative Communication Corporation
Iowa Intelegra Consortium, LLC
Iowa Telecommunications Services, Inc.
James Valley Cooperative Telephone Company
johnson, james w
Kaplan Telephone Company, Inc.
KerrComm, LLC
King Street Wireless, L.P.
Kotchen, David T
KTC AWS Limited Partnership
LCDW Wireless Limited Partnership
Lexcom, Inc.
Licenseco, LLC
Ligtel Communications, Inc.
LL License Holdings, LLC
Lynch Wireless Broadband Company, LLC
maxima international llc
McDonald County Telephone Company
Mediapolis Telephone Company
Megrim Co
MetroPCS 700 MHz, LLC
MH Telecom, LLC
Mid-Missouri Telephone Company
Miles Communications Corp
Missouri Valley Wireless, LLC
Moore & Liberty Telephone Company
Morsetone Partners
MTA Communications, Inc.
Muenster Telephone Corporation of Texas
Muskrat Wireless, LP
National Datacast, Inc.
NatTel, LLC
Navajo Department of Information Technology
New Ulm Telecom, Inc.
North Dakota Network Company
Northern New Mexico Telecom, Inc.
Northwest Missouri Cellular Limited Partnership
Nunn Communications, LLC
OACYS Technology
Office of Spectral Ecology
PageData Holdings LLC
Palmetto Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Pine Cellular Phones, Inc.
Pioneer Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Poka Lambro Telecommunications, LTD
PTI Pacifica, Inc.
Puerto Rico Telephone Company, Inc.
Pulse Mobile LLC
PVT Networks, Inc.
Rainbow Telecommunications Association, Inc.
Rand Garetto
Redwood Wireless Corp.
Reiter, Scott D
Robinson, Jack E
Rural Telephone Service Company, Inc.
SAL Spectrum, LLC
SeaBytes, L.L.C.
Sierra Advantage, Inc.
Sierra Cellular, Inc.
Sky Com 700 MHZ, LLC
Slopeside Internet
Socket Telecom LLC
Sonar Radio Corporation
Surry Telecommunications, Inc.
Telesaurus VPC LLC
TerraNovaNet, Inc
The Pioneer Telephone Association, Inc.
The Ponderosa Telephone Co.
The S&T Telephone Cooperative Association, Inc.
Three River Telco
Toba Inlet PCS, LLC
Trans Video Communications, Inc.
Unified Communications Corporation
Union Telephone Company
United Wireless Communications Inc.
USA Broadband LLC
VentureTel 700,, Inc.
West Carolina Communications, LLC
Western Iowa Telephone Association
Whidbey Telephone Company
world network
WWW Broadband, LLC
Xanadoo 700 MHz DE, LLC
Xittel telecommunications inc.
Zephyr Holdings

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