news Offers PIN Platform to Master Agents LLC, a provider of B2B e-commerce systems for distribution of prepaid wireless refills, is offering its technology platform to other master distributors who want to sell pins electronically to their dealers.

The technology platform improves dealer margins, increases customer satisfaction and increases the market value of dealer networks, said Maginpins.

The Magicpins platform is designed to sell wireless refill coupons in electronic format. This will reduce the cost of doing business compared to distributing physical cards, where agents incur the expenses of warehousing, shipping and handling.

Using this platform, master agents would no longer have to pay a commission to a third-party POSA company.

Magicpins is making the Web-enabled POSA platform available to the master agents, which they will own and operate to distribute refills in electronic format to their subs. Virtually, the master agents will become a POSA company by implementing our platform, said Anurag Jain, director of Magicpins.

A third benefit to the agents is that they dont have to share their customer lists with a third party who could become a competitor to the master agent. Many master agents currently offer only physical cards to dealers because they want to protect their valuable customer lists.

Carriers would love it because our platform is hassle-free and it can improve their profits. This meets a growing need of carriers to increase the sale of refill coupons in electronic format, Jain said. “The system is built on open standards and can be easily integrated with third-party applications. For instance, the system has already been integrated with Blackhawk network, a prepaid and payments network, on request of a master agent.” LLC


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