Telarus Launches VAR Management Back Office Suite

Telarus Inc. has released new private-labeled back-office software: VENUS, which is an acronym for VAR Enterprise Network Update System. Telarus created VENUS to cater to larger VARs who have their own telecommunication sales departments, or “hybrid” VARs, and/or VARs who maintain their own inside equipment sales departments. VENUS allows VARs the ability to set up sub-accounts for its employees and/or independent reps, providing the administrator with a view of all the activity happening within the organization.

“Developed over the course of two years, VENUS is a Web-based management platform that allows VARs to opertate efficient telecom carrier service operations” added Robert Butler, director of Telarus’ VAR Network. “Sharing our technology and opening up our upgraded carrier contracts is a win-win for VARs looking for back office software that actually works.”

Telarus actively generates telecom equipment leads to its VAR partners through Web sites and other affiliated Web properties. Using VENUS, VARs can then assign these leads they receive to specific individuals within their own sales departments for follow-up. Conversely, these users can use VENUS to match up their equipment clients with the carrier service that is the best fit for their customer.

“Not only was Telarus the first master agent to focus on sending equipment leads to VARs in return for telecom service lead reciprocation, we are the first company to create software that allows them the ability to interact with us on such a deep level” added Andrew Morgan, vice president of Web development. “Telarus’ mission is to add value to others so that they can grow and become lifelong partners. VENUS will play a key role in helping accomplish our mission.”


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