Telrex Announces IP Call Center Monitoring Package

Telrex has announced a package for the live monitoring of call center employees computer screens, recording of screenshots, logging of Web activity, tracking of e-mails and comprehensive reporting on individuals and groups.

The vendors CallRex Multi-Media Release 3.7, available via VARs, is an integrated companion module to Telrex CallRex Professional IP call recording and monitoring software, designed for managers who train employees, monitor performance and provide insight into customer interactions.

We use CallRex Multi-Media to monitor new agents by reviewing both the call and recording screen shots from the agents computer, said Robert Byrne, director of customer service at Missouri Employers Mutual, a Telrex customer. This feature gives us a more complete picture of the customer interaction and has become a part of our monthly Quality Service Evaluation process.

CallRex Multi-Media Release 3.7 scales to support thousands of users across multiple locations, and runs within the CallRex distributed services software architecture. So, CallRex enables managers to live monitor, record and play back comprehensive customer interactions from anywhere on the network, based on configurable permissions and access rights.

CallRex Multi-Media 3.7 is ideal for all types of businesses that want to enhance customer satisfaction and accelerate employee training, said Bob Cordes, vice president of product management at Telrex.

The list price for the module is $99 per seat with quantity discounts available, and it requires CallRex Professional IP call recording and monitoring software, the company said. CallRex Multi-Media Release 3.7 is also available as a free upgrade for existing CallRex Multi-Media customers with a current Telrex Platinum Support contract.


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