OrbitCom, OneEighty Networks Combine Forces

Spokane-based OneEighty Networks now is owned by OrbitCom, a reseller headquartered in South Dakota.

The deal wasnt a merger; rather, OrbitCom did an asset purchase for legal reasons, said Gregory Green, CEO of OneEighty Networks. The transaction closed on Nov. 21 although it still awaits regulatory approvals. Those should come by the middle of the first quarter, said Green.

Managers and employees all will keep their jobs. The biggest difference is that agents and salespeople get to sell more products and services.

It was one of those opportunities where we could bring together these two companies into a meaningful size and scale. It was just a really nice fit, said Green, whose name is a familiar one. He founded OneEighty Communications in Montana, which now is owned by Integra Telecom. Green also used to be president of NEXTLINK, now XO Communications, and CEO of Avista Communications.

OrbitCom resells local and long-distance phone service. But it needed to go facilities-based in an era of deregulation that lets incumbents charge higher prices. OrbitCom also needed to offer Internet and data services such as Web hosting. Enter OneEighty Networks. The CLEC owns some fiber, is colocated in Qwest Communications International Inc. and Verizon Communications Inc. central offices in the northwest and uses Cisco IP infrastructure. The ultimate plan is to migrate OrbitCom to a full facilities-based model, said Green.

OneEighty will continue to use that brand in its northwest states, while OrbitCom similarly will operate as OrbitCom in its original territories. Together, the companies cover 14 states.

The combined organization is privately held. They said they record annual revenue of just less than $20 million.

Brad Van Leur remains president of OrbitCom.

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