VON: Intelliverse Unveils UC Solution

Intelliverse on Tuesday at VON announced its standalone unified communications platform, callEverywhere ONEcall.

The new service provides a customizable product for users who might or might not be prepared to fully migrate from their traditional phone systems over to VoIP. The Intelliverse solution combines all the features commonly in the enterprise IP communications space, giving the SMB the look of a larger company.

The callEverywhere ONEcall service line is comprised of four levels of unique service offerings including messaging, voice/fax to e-mail, One Number and a combination of all three in Intelliverse’s UC offering. Because the Intelliverse solution can consolidate several phone lines into one central number and allow messages to be retrieved using e-mail, fax or phone with a users preexisting analog line, remote offices and business travelers can benefit from the Intelliverse services.

The company decided to unbundle the UC features from its hosted PBX product because it found a lot of users were not ready to completely switch their phone services over to VoIP, but they could benefit from the standalone services. Intelliverse introduced the services to its existing users last quarter and they already have 2,000 users.

The ONEcall messaging service lets a user create a network, which allows him or her to send and receive messages within that group, whether it is a single person or a large distribution list. Another feature of the ONEcall service is voice/fax to e-mail, which allows the user to turn an existing e-mail account into a unified mailbox by collecting both faxes and voice mails and placing them in the user’s original e-mail. The last ONEcall service is One Number, which is a find me/follow me locator service

that “finds” you by calling up to six numbers when a caller tries to connect with you, ultimately letting the recipient choose whether to answer the call or direct it to voice mail.


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