Vonage: AT&T Suing Us for Patent Infringement

How much more can Vonage Holdings Corp. take? The IP telephony provider said late Friday it is facing another patent infringement suit, this time filed by AT&T Inc.

Vonage told the Securities and Exchange Commission that AT&T filed the claim on Oct. 17 in the U.S. District Court of the Western District of Wisconsin. AT&T says Vonage is illegally using a patent for a wide-area packet technology system and wants Vonage to stop using the platform. Whether the matter will go to court remains unknown.

AT&T also is seeking treble damages and attorneys fees; the amounts were not specified.

This marks Vonages latest round of patent infringement problems. A court recently reaffirmed Vonages loss to Verizon Communications Inc. earlier this year, a day after Vonage lost another case to Sprint Nextel Corp. Considering how much money the unprofitable Vonage now owes Verizon and Sprint (a minimum of $127 million), the big question is: how much longer can Vonage keep going?

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