Helio Lowers Handset Pricing

Helio LLC said it is offering discounts its three handsets as a temporary online promotion.

The MVNO, which has been under scrutiny since the high-profile failure of Ampd Mobile, for having a similar postpaid, bells and whistles-heavy business model, is known for refusing to alter its pricing despite subscriber blowback. But it said Tuesday that the Ocean handset will go from $295 to $245; the Samsung Fin will get a 50 percent cut to $100; and the Samsung Heats price will be halved, now going for $50. Good through Nov. 13, the pricing is only available for online sales.

Helios recent news has been mixed; it recently was announced it will receive up to $270 million in fresh capital from parent company SK Telecom. But the Korean giant will fly solo; Helios other parent, EarthLink Inc., which previously reported Helio as a drag on its finances, has no plans to further fund its MVNO offspring, it said. It will however retain an ownership stake.

Helio LLC


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