Occam ONT Offers High-Def Access for MDU/MTU

Occam Networks Inc. (Booth 915) will debut at COMPTEL its recently announced ON 2351 Optical Network Terminal (ONT) for multiple dwelling unit (MDU) and multiple tenant unit (MTU) environments. The ON 2351 is the latest in Occams 2300 series ONTs.

Occam designed the ON 2351 to deliver triple-play services including POTS, high-speed Ethernet data, VoIP and multiple HD video streams to up to four residences or businesses. Telcos can add new subscribers in as little as five minutes as a result of Occams integrated station wiring with rocker block termination. Thermal management design eliminates the need to calculate heat loads when adding modules.

Telcos can locate the ON 2351 on a buildings outside wall, at a common service area or inside a communications closet. It features a hardened, weatherproof enclosure and low-profile design.

Each of the four internal service locations can deliver two POTS phone lines and four Fast Ethernet ports for data and VoIP. The ON 2351 provides IP video services using 10/100 Base T and/or HPNAv3 coaxial cable to compatible set-top boxes.

Occams IP Security Management enables dynamic hands-free network security. The ON 2351 facilitates Administration, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) of subscriber traffic through a combination of IP scalability, simplicity of dynamic configuration with DHCP and the cost effectiveness of gigabit Ethernet.

For MDU/MTU applications, Occams ONT operating system extends these features by adding DHCP and IGMP snooping as well as MAC limiting, ensuring integrity of subscriber services. With IP Security Management, the end-to-end network is more secure than a traditional ATM circuit-oriented architecture, while maintaining the cost efficiencies in both the capital and operations of DHCP+IP+Ethernet.

The ON 2351 enables our customers to serve a wide variety of apartments, condominiums and small businesses with greater flexibility, said Russ Sharer, vice president of marketing for Occam Networks. It can be rapidly deployed, scaled as services grow and yet be managed consistently with all other Occam FTTx products.

Occam Networks Inc.

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