NBS Offers Hosted VoIP with Phone

NBS (Booth 408-410), a New York metro area-based telecom reseller and service provider, marked its show debut of the new Hosted Seat with Phone solution at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo.

With this offering, NBS customers now have access to the latest IP voice technology and converged network infrastructure, without having to purchase new desktop telephones or costly maintenance contracts. This is a new concept in the evolution of business communications, and is at a price point now where we will begin to witness the prolifera-tion of VoIP within the SMB market stated Russell Markman, president of NBS.

Hosted VoIP works like traditional Centrex service, where the switching occurs off site at the providers central office. The service is net-work-based, so the telephone systems features and functionality reside within the host network.

By offering the latest IP phone models as part of the service plan, NBS Hosted V.o.I.C.E. (Voice over Internet Communications Exchange) eliminates the need for new business telephone purchases. Users are provided with a fully functional VoIP system, featuring IP phones at each seat that open the door to a plethora of productivity-enhancing tools and utilities. In addition, obsolescence is no longer a concern because as new functions and features become available, they are automatically added via the host server.

We bring VoIP to the SMB market, commented Fred Paccione, NBS channel manager, adding that at only $15.99 per seat, including telephones, more and more commercial clients will now have access to our modern IP telephony network. An increasing number of players in this marketplace are realizing that by renting, instead of owning their business phones, they can expense telecom costs rather than have to write them off over period of many years. By outsourcing to a hosted provider, the bottom line improves as costs decrease. Additionally, quality of service is maintained and productivity soars.

NBS has priced the service with per minute usage rates that it says are extremely competitive. The company also offers unlimited usage plans for pre-specified packages of minutes with even lower rates. Directory listing and 911 services are included for the primary seat, as well as extras like nonverified account codes and multiparty conferencing on demand. Voice and Web portals for account management are also part of the plan, with voicemail to e-mail integration and advanced call for-warding functions built in.


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