Managing Wireless Policy

Imagine yourself as a mobility administrator, and think about your to-do list. Manage handset configurations for 100 salespeople. Update the rate plans for six different departments. Block malware all the time. Keep Stevens from downloading ringtones on the company dime.

When it comes to managing wireless in the enterprise, its a never-ending story.

Determining best practices in mobile usage and security policymaking can go a long way to taming the maelstrom of management, and being knowledgeable about it differentiates one dealer from another. Thats the topic of todays discussion, Setting Mobile Enterprise Policy.

Were going to explain why its important for channel partners to discuss wireless policy with clients, says moderator Natasha Royer Coons, founder and president of TeraNova Consulting Group, whose mission is to provide mobility solutions and wireless WAN products, services and expertise to channel partners nationwide. Well educate them on the market, explain the important parts within the policy area, then arm them with a toolkit of questions to ask when they go out to the field.

Also joining the panel are Scott Allen, manager of enterprise wireless mobility at Bell Industries Inc., and Pankaj Gupta, founder and president of AMTEL.

Three specific areas will be covered: procurement, security and accounting, which includes auditing, compliance and asset management. This is a session no channel partner involved with wireless can miss, Coons says. Attendees are going to learn how to differentiate themselves, add a new revenue component and provide an additional set of solutions to the customer, she notes.

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