Managed Services Position the Channel as Trusted Partners

The term managed service means different things to different people. But for the channel, managed service is really about making service procurement, cost control and related concerns, well, more manageable for the customer.

Thats the word from Ben Henkels, principal of Communication Management Partners, a Spokane, Wash.-based brokerage and consulting firm. Henkels is a speaker at todays session, Moving Up Market With Managed Services.

Whether talking about wireless or wireline services, businesses are more than eager to get assistance in negotiating service contracts, understanding whether theyre on the optimal service plan for their needs, getting a handle on their usage and even contracting an outside firm to audit their communications billing on a monthly basis, Henkels continues, adding manages services is a golden opportunity for the channel.

The channel really needs to evolve a little bit into a project management role and a communications management role instead of just being a vendor, he says. Managed services can shift channel partners from being just a resource vendor to being a trusted advisor and part of the team, he adds.

Communication Management Partners

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