The Best Things for Agents Arent Free

Conferencing is a lucrative market, but its hard to sell something that someone else is giving away. Legal challenges to free conferencing services could present a new opportunity for agents to sell paid conferencing services to small businesses and nonprofits. In the session, Free Conferencing Meltdown, Brad Dupee, founder of Copper Conferencing, and Greg Plum, channel manager for the Conference Group, will discuss the background of free conferencing, its current state and how to pitch low-cost, high-quality audio conferencing services to customers concerned about the viability of their free services.

Free conferencing has been growing steadily for several years, explains Dupee. Because of the model from which suppliers make money providing these free services, the carriers made a bold move to block certain free conferencing access numbers for use by their customers. The FCC had to weigh in and ultimately created a debate around the legality and the morality of such free services being provided.

John Heitmann, a partner and founding member of Kelley Drye & Warrens Telecommunications Practice Group, will sit on the panel to provide attendees a snapshot of the legal issues surrounding free conferencing.

The panelists will discuss some of the trends in free conferencing and discuss how to sell against them, educate prospects and protect commissions. Partners who attend this session will gain a firm understanding of how the changing climate surrounding free conferencing services can strengthen their sales position when offering paid conferencing services, says Plum.

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