SimpleSignal Lets Businesses Add, Delete Bandwidth

SimpleSignal (Booth 223) has added a 60-second service provisioning enhancement to its SimpleSIP trunk product.

It is the first provisioning system for SIP trunking that allows customers to add/delete bandwidth on demand in seconds, not minutes or days, said Dave Gilbert, president of SimpleSignal. Coupled with dynamic voice-data bandwidth allocation, customers get the maximum use of everything they pay for.

SimpleSIP split-second service provisioning allows customers to add communications connections when they need them, via a Web browser. That way, they dont have to wait for the provider. Additionally, dynamic bandwidth provides for simultaneous voice-data on the same T1, with voice given priority for high-performance QoS.

The real benefit of SIP trunking is that businesses buy trunks according to the number of anticipated simultaneous calls rather than fixed capacity. If a customer needs more call capacity, SimpleSignal adds trunks virtually without the need for stair-step hardware add-ons.


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