How to Ride the Wireless Wave

In The Graduate, a neighbor tells hero Benjamin Braddock, Theres a great future in plastics. Had the movie been filmed today, Mr. McGuire instead may have uttered, Theres a great future in wireless.

While theres little doubt that wireless is the wave of the future, its important to get a grip on the most important mobility trends and the best sales strategies to sell around them.

During todays session, Making Money in Wireless, Mark Landiak, president and CEO of the Chicago-based training and consulting firm Corporate Dynamics Inc., will address all that and more. Landiak notes that the communications world is beginning to revolve around the wireless handset and says that migration represents a significant opportunity for channel partners provided they are willing to make some adaptations to their business models.

Although it will require change and some new investment, Landiak says for business-to-business dealers, the investment to get into wireless is relatively low. Thats because channel partners already have feet on the street that can be leveraged for this wireless opportunity.

That said, channel partners need to commit themselves to becoming experts in the area of wireless as it relates to voice and data connectivity and such applications as mobile imagining that run over those connections.

Thats because a wireline channel partner who knows a bit about wireless, but who is not an expert, is not going to be any more helpful to a business customer looking for answers than your average retail sales associate, says Landiak.

Business customers are looking for sales people who can ask them intelligent questions, understand their applications, and recommend specific services and products to meet their specific needs, he says.

For example, every handheld device today carries a camera inside of it. Channel partners need to understand how their customers can leverage that capability by doing things like taking photos of customers to have on file so that they can recognize them when they see them at a trade show, says Landiak.

Corporate Dynamics Inc.

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