BCN Solutions Express Helps Agents Market with Custom Newsletter

BCN Solutions Express (Booth 620-622), a strategic partner of reseller BCN Telecom Inc., announced it is helping its agents market its products and services with new, private-label electronic newsletters.

There will be two versions of the newsletter one written for agents and the other for end-user customers, said Tom McCrosson, CEO for BCN Solutions Express. Presently, the newsletters will be produced in PDF format; other formats are available on request.

The agent version highlights BCN Solutions Express promotions and products, including a product matrix listing products, providers and coverage. It also features sales tips and educational articles about new technologies and applications many of them written by BCN Telecom suppliers, such as Sprint. In addition, hyperlinks to additional information online are included.

The end-user version is similar, but product promotions and agent contact information will be added in lieu of the agent-targeted info. BCN Solutions Express will e-mail the newsletter on behalf of its agents or allow the agent to send it out themselves. BCN Solutions Express takes care of all the personalization on behalf of the agent.

McCrosson said the end-user newsletters are designed to be a tool to help agents retain as well as up-sell their existing customers.

Now the big thing is integrated voice and data solutions. Unless you are in contact with your customer, you stand to lose the relationship, he said. If you are not in there talking about new technology, someone else is. Many times its the data networking and equipment vendors. In many cases, the surrendering carrier is not in discussions with the customer.

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