Attract Big Spenders Without Breaking the Bank

Drawing on experience from insurance, real estate and manufacturing industries to supplement his work in telecom, Tim Basa, vice president of sales at BullsEye Telecom, plans to shoehorn a three-day clinic of dos and donts into todays session, Marketing for Maximum Profit, for agents targeting large, multisite businesses.

Companies are wasting a lot of time and money on marketing efforts that dont even differentiate them from their competitors, claims Basa. Ill be discussing very specific things to do and not to do in marketing.

Beyond dos and donts, Basa, a 14-year marketing veteran, will detail how to make companies current programs more effective, whether they comprise Google ad words, yellow pages, or direct sales forces.

More specifically, he continues, the session will cover how to get direct mail communications opened and how to choose the most effective key phrases for Google ad word campaigns.

Companies need to determine whos ready to buy and who isnt, says Basa. Master agents, especially, dont want to spend major time on minor opportunities. That means not burning resources on bad leads.

The seasoned marketing executive claims big spending on marketing doesnt necessarily equate with big success. There are a lot of different ways to attract customers without spending big bucks on leads that dont pan out, says Basa.

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