Amtel Adds Mobile Usage Policy

Amtel Inc. (Booth 419) has added a Mobile Usage Policy Module to its TIMS telecom expense management platform, which is sold to enterprises by agents and VARs. TIMS previously included a Mobile Procurement Policy Module, which matched user profiles to mobile devices and plan bundles. Version 4.0 adds the ability to set and monitor usage policies.

According to Amtel President and Founder PJ Gupta, the new module helps employers specify what services employees can subscribe to, and how much they can use and when.

While companies can set up the plans accordingly, they are not always successful in preventing users from adding feature sets by calling the carrier directly, so monitoring usage is key, Gupta said. At the end of the month, TIMS generates a report that is sent to the user or to the responsible manager. The system requires acknowledgement from the recipient. Companies can set their own policies for warnings, discipline or reimbursement, said Gupta.

Greg Andrews, director of business development for Amtel, said the system acts as a deterrent to aberrant behavior. People know that they could be audited and when its flagrant, they will be called on the carpet, he said.

Amtel also works with carriers to get credits for services that were added to corporate-liable accounts without the companys permission, though this isnt always possible, Gupta said.

TIMS is a hosted service and supports corporate accounts with as few as 50 mobile phones.


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