Speakeasy Offers ADSL2+ With Download Speeds of Up To 15mbps

Speakeasy expanded its connectivity speed offerings by adding the stand-alone OneLink ADSL2, which features download speeds of up to 8.0, 10.0 and 15.0mbps, and upload speeds of up to 1.0mbps. This next-generation DSL technology provides an alternative to traditional DSL and cable service.

The Speakeasy OneLink ADSL2 packages are targeted to small businesses that need more available bandwidth per employee for high-bandwidth applications such as rich media, large file transmissions and data back-up services. According to the company, the increased speeds are a significant improvement over previous ADSL plans, which offer a maximum down/up speed of 6.0/768mbps.

Speakeasy’s OneLink ADSL2 service will be deployed in eleven key markets. The service runs on Speakeasy’s nationwide, multiredundant private fiber network, powered by longtime-partner Covad Communication’s national network. Speakeasys product is made available by Covads national network and next-generation Samsung DSLAMs that en-able it to offer ADSL2+.

Best Buy, parent company of Speakeasy, recently signed a deal to resell Covads ADSL2+, resulting in this launch.

Covad Communications

Speakeasy Inc.


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