Court Orders Stay on Qualcomm Ban

Qualcomm Inc. won a stay Wednesday on a government ban on imports of devices using chips that have been found to violate a Broadcom Corp. patent.

The stay by the Court of Appeals of the Federal Circuit allows seven phone makers and carriers to import devices with the chips to the U.S. pending Qualcomms appeal in the case. The International Trade Commission ruled June 7 banned U.S. sale of devices with the chips.

The order applies to the companies that sought an end to the ban AT&T Inc., T-Mobile USA Inc., Motorola Inc., Samsung Electronics Corp., LG Electronics, Kyocera Wireless Corp. and Sanyo Fisher Co.

The stay doesnt allow Qualcomm to ship the chips to itself.

The ruling boosted Qualcomm stock nearly 3 percent to $38.97 in early afternoon trading Thursday.

Broadcom Corp.
Qualcomm Inc.

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