ISPhone Offers U.S. Local, Toll-Free Numbers

ISPhone, a provider of wholesale services to VoIP service providers, on Tuesday announced the availability of U.S. local and toll-free telephone numbers, or DIDs.

The service lets resellers offer their customers a U.S. presence, no matter where they are based, ISPhone said.

DIDs may be pointed to gateways and other devices anywhere in the world. For example, a company in Tokyo can purchase a local DID in New York City. When a customer in New York dials the local number, the call is routed directly to Tokyo.

“A local telephone number levels the playing field for international companies looking to compete in the United States,” said Victor von Schlegell, ISPhone’s president. “And toll-free numbers provide companies with access to the entire country at a very low cost.”

Local DIDs are available in 85 percent of the central offices in the United States, enabling overseas companies to access virtually every U.S. major metropolitan market, ISPhone said. Vanity numbers, which are numbers associated with a company’s name or identity, may be purchased based on availability.


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