Simicomm Releases EasySpeak PBX

Simicomm has released EasySpeak PBX, a software-based phone management system.

This plug-and-play VoIP PBX provides is designed for SMBs and Simicomm said the software can be completely installed in only 15 minutes.

The solution is designed for businesses without the technical abilities to implement or maintain phone systems. EasySpeak, based on the Asterisk open-source PBX, works with both VoIP and analog phones.

“We recognize there are many solutions targeting small businesses,” noted Dennis Barnum, CEO of Simicomm. “Our goal was to create something that removes the complexity for a non-technical audience and make it affordable.”

EasySpeak PBX (300MB file) is downloaded from, and burned to a CD. The CD is loaded onto a (dedicated) server, which will run through the installation steps automatically. A client can plug the phones and Internet into the Ethernet ports and be up and running.

To use analog phones, a line card (i.e. Digium analog telephony devices) is required. Telephones automatically will register and be assigned extensions in the order they are connected. Changing of extensions and management of other features can be made by logging into the Web-based toolbox.

EasySpeak PBX features include auto attendant, Web access to voice mail, music on hold, blind transfer, T-38 fax support, call forward/forward on busy, call parking, call queuing, call routing (DID and ANI), call transfer, call waiting, caller ID, caller ID blocking, caller ID on call waiting, roaming extensions, assisted transfer, three-way calling and high-end voice mail functionality.



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