Allworx Announces Loyalty Incentive Programs for Resellers, Enhances Software

Allworx Corp., a network solutions provider for SMBs, has introduced a loyalty incentive program designed to encourage and reward top-performing reseller partners.

The program is available to all authorized resellers who have achieved the required minimum sales volume in the previous quarter. The Allworx Loyalty Dollars are earned based on a percentage of total Allworx purchases. Loyalty Dollars can be used to purchase Allworx products, including systems, phones, software options, extended warranties and technical training.

Allworx also offers accelerators to provide an additional incentive to resellers to increase redeemable Loyalty rewards. The Loyalty program began April 1, and will continue through Dec. 31. Loyalty dollars earned in 2007 by an Allworx reseller can be redeemed through Feb. 29, 2008.

Eligible resellers can track their performance and Allworx Loyalty Dollars earned via an interactive dashboard found at .

Today’s announcement reflects our company’s continued commitment to the channel, and our belief that the communication needs of small businesses are best served by putting Allworx solutions in the hands of our highly qualified channel partners, said Tom Grinde, executive vice president of sales for Allworx.

Allworx’ family of VoIP systems includes the Allworx 6x, 10x and 24x voice and network systems, and the 9112 and 9102 VoIP phones.

The company also said it has released Allworx System Software version 6.7 and Call Assistant 2.1. The Allworx System Software 6.7 release brings the following capabilities to the Allworx 6x, 10x and 24x voice and network systems:

One-touch day-night mode allows users to change their auto attendant greetings, messaging and call routing in real time and from remote locations.

Three-digit and four-digit extension setup, which also offers the ability to increase the total number of extensions as the business grows. Also included is greater flexibility in assigning DID numbers.

Enhanced call detail reports tracks all call transfers within the system with access to third-party call detail records via streaming data. It also offers the capability to send call detail records to external devices for storage and review.

Additional features include voice mail and presence management, call queue reporting and remote access support.

Call Assistant is a Windows PC-based tool, fully integrated with all Allworx VoIP phones and designed to allow operators to monitor the system and dispatch calls by answering, transferring, parking or sending to voice mail via their PCs.

Call Assistant 2.1 new features with the Allworx 6x, 10x and 24x voice and network systems include:

A call recording feature in which recorded calls are saved on a PC as a standard WAV file, allowing for simple playback via Windows Media Player (included with all Windows OS versions).

A call history tab in the switchboard view that shows completed calls, missed inbound calls and unanswered outbound calls. Double-click redial functionality has also been enhanced.

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