Court Hears Vonage Appeal of Patent Infringement Case

A federal court on Monday heard oral arguments in the Vonage Holdings-Verizon Communications Inc. patent dispute.

Not much seemed to come of the hearing, except for Judge Timothy B. Dyks suggestion that a compromise between the two companies would let Vonage keep signing new subscribers while finding a technology-workaround.

Dyk was the only one of the three judges to ask questions. Telecom analysts for investment firm Stifel Nicolaus speculated that meant a slight edge for Verizon in the verdict being upheld.

The judges are considering Vonage’s appeal of the March jury verdict that found Vonage infringed on three of Verizons patents covering the construction of its Internet phone system. The jury awarded Verizon $58 million, plus future royalties for continued patent infringement.

Verizon Communications Inc.
Vonage Holdings

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