Clearwire Signs Up for Satellite

Score one for synergy: Clearwire Corp. has signed a reciprocal sales agreement with satellite TV providers DIRECTV and EchoStar Communications (operator of the Dish Network).

The DBS companies will sell Clearwire’s WiMAX-based broadband and VoIP services to their customers, creating a triple-play bundle. And Clearwire will be able to sell satellite TV to their subs throughout its 35 domestic markets.

The satellite providers have been looking for a new broadband partner since their previous reseller arrangements with the RBOCs have dwindled. The move also places Clearwire in direct competition with cablecos and the Bells with the triple play, a position CEO Ben Wolff brushed aside just two days ago at the WCA conference.

The back-end integration efforts between companies and ensuing service launch is expected later this year.

The BWA provider is clearly stepping up efforts to grow and refine its market position. Earlier this week Clearwire let it be known that a strategic partnership with fellow 2.5 Ghz-owner Sprint for WiMAX is in the cards.

Clearwire Corp.
EchoStar Communications Corp.

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