OnForce Launches PowerMatch

OnForce has launched PowerMatch, a matching engine that enables IT service buyers to find the providers that are best equipped to meet their needs.

PowerMatch is based on more than a dozen carefully selected criteria, encompassing how well each providers skills, performance and location match an individual service request, OnForce said. When a work order is created, the requirements of that request are calculated and each provider is assigned a score from 1 to 100. This represents the relevance of each technician for that service event.

PowerMatch leverages the data of more than 500,000 OnForce completed work orders to offer the best possible match, the company said. It is free to OnForce customers.

The specific factors involved in the matching process includes provider proximity to the location on the service; degree of fit between the providers skills and specified tasks; brands of hardware, software and operating systems involved; and provider experience and performance ratings with that type of work.

OnForce said most of its work orders are accepted within 20 minutes and generally can be executed within a day.


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