Citel Launches 4100 Series

VoIP company Citel has released its EXTender 4100 and PBXgateway 4100 through the companys network of distributors and resellers. The company also said Panasonic UK, Panasonic CME and NEC Infrontia will carry the 4100 Series.

The 4100 Series is an enterprise voice network platform designed to provide small office and home office workers with access to the features of a central corporate PBX.

The EXTender 4100 is a customer-premise device available with one or two ports. The single-port unit has an optional FXO port and the dual-port unit includes a standard FXO. Digital handsets connected to an EXTender 4100 with an FXO port have automatic 911 call routing.

The two-port PBXgateway 4100 terminates EXTender 4100s at the corporate PBX site, and a corporate PBX connects to a PBXgateway 4100, which then connects to a router. Another router or DSL modem routes traffic to the EXTender 4100 at the remote location and then on to a digital handset.

The 4100 Series also is interoperable with Avaya Definity and Magix handsets and Definity, Magix, and IP Office PBX platforms. Nortel and Ericsson interoperability will be available soon, Citel said.



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