ShoreTel Releases Latest Update

ShoreTel Inc. has released the seventh version of its IP telephony product.

One of the software enhancements in ShoreTel 7 is Escalation Notification, which allows the customer to establish a “must respond” process for incoming calls. With this feature, the system administrator uses business rules to automate call routing to any combination of phones, pagers and e-mail devices.

ShoreTel 7 also includes ShoreWare Unified Messaging software, which provides integrated messaging for any PC desktop, as well as unified messaging with Microsoft Outlook.

The product has additional hardware switches that deliver increased capacity in a smaller footprint. The new hardware is interoperable with existing ShoreGear switches.

More than 50 programmable functions also are available, and call center productivity is improved, ShoreTel said.

The software upgrade to ShoreTel 7 is free to customers with maintenance contracts. Costs for the new switches vary: ShoreGear 50 is $2,695; ShoreGear 90 is $4,195; ShoreGear 220T1 is $7,995; and ShoreGear 220E1 is $7,495.

ShoreTel Inc.

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